Number One: Introduction

Good day to you! We are so excited to kick off a blog section here at ihearGR. One of our goals is to bring to light the many wonders of our beloved city, Grand Rapids. This won’t be a difficult task, as many of you know how amazing it really is. From small local shops to businesses that have received a lot of love over the years, there is so much to explore and discover. Some of us have lived here our entire lives and barely scratched the surface of all this city has to offer. As we dive into each day looking for new adventure and experiences, we would love for you to join us!

We will post about our favorites and what’s new in the Grand Rapids area. Keep a look out for events, news, reviews, and just generally a lot of fun stuff. 😄Please tag us in your posts and share your experiences with us as well! We want you to follow along with us, but we also want to join in on your journey! You can use the hashtag #iheartgr and tag us at @iheartgr on both Facebook and Instagram. We love to see what our fellow Grand Rapids friends are up to!

We would love to give you the chance to be featured on our page, too! Whether it be a business or event happening in the area, or even if you just took a really cool photo that needs to be seen. We want to see it all!

We look forward to seeking, growing, and revealing Grand Rapids with you!