Small Business Saturday - Art of the Table


Welcome back, friends, to another blog post about the small businesses we LOVE in Grand Rapids! This week we toured around the Wealthy Heights neighborhood and sure enough, it did NOT disappoint.


As we thought about which business to highlight, Art of the Table was at the top of our minds. I mean, how cool is it that they were only the second store to open on Wealthy!? Having to rehab the building before moving in and taking over, it’s obvious there was a lot of work put into this project.


Art of the Table makes it easy for those who love food (most human beings, right?) and entertaining. And they make it fun! With wall to wall selections of food and drinks, the possibilities are endless. Which is something the owner, Amy Ruis, wants to show everyone! Food is fun and why not discover new tastes? She has a passion for people and making them happy, which shows in the way she talks about her store!


When we asked Amy what makes her passionate about her business, she responded with this: “I love to be that person on the front lines, making friends, helping people know that real people own these local stores around town and that we’re doing it because we love the variety of life, the ever-changing landscape of what we do, helping along other local businesses & creators through what we all do together.”

I wanted you, our readers, to read that sentence word for word as I did because you can feel the passion come through in the way Amy talks about her business.


Another really great thing about Art of the Table is that you can shop around and select items to personalize a beautiful gift and when you leave the amazing staff will wrap it up beautifully! They make creating gift baskets look like an art form, folks. I have been gifted one and trust me, they are gorgeous. Plus, the gift is all hand selected by the person who knows them best, that’s you!

11B0084B-8C5F-4207-AFDE-06AA7850EEE8 2.JPG

Art of the Table doesn’t stop there though! They also bartend for private parties. With a team of certified bartenders and wonderful options to select from, you can host and mingle at your events (personal or corporate) with ease.

Even if you just wanted to obtain alcohol (21+), look at the selection above! It is extensive and the picture doesn’t even show the entirety of what they have to offer.


While this is their only location at the moment you can also visit Aperitivo in the Downtown Market, which is a sister store to Art of the Table! When Art of the Table began to get too full of products they took the opportunity to bring cheese & charcuterie to Aperitivo, expanding the selection. This space in the market also allows them to hold classes and tastings, which you can imagine would be a magical experience.

Thank you to Art of the Table for bringing adventure and exploration of the taste buds to Grand Rapids!

Small Business Saturday - Rebel


Let me tell you about the cutest shop you ever did visit, located in Eastown!

Rebel Reclaimed (1555 Wealthy St SE) has been a neighborhood fave and IG inspiration for years.

It all began in a 400 sq ft space on E Fulton in 2010 and gradually grew in charm and space as it relocated in 2013 to a storefront on Robinson.

This is where I first stepped into Rebel.


I remember walking in seeing a sign that encouraged visitors to bring their pups in, which is kinda incredible- and there was the sweetest bulldog waddling around.

You know that feeling when you step into a place and you feel like you found your place?! Slowly, I walked around the store and was in awe.

Trinkets, prints, cards, mugs, and so much more. I read quotes that were encouraging and cards that were a little saucy. Everything in the store made me feel GOOD.


Last April, Rebel claimed its new space on Wealthy and grew into it quickly! The space is, quite honestly, filled top to bottom with eye-catching gifts, home goods, and all sorts of paper accessories.

I could easily spend an hour or more walking around reading funny quotes and admiring books and jewelry.


Speaking with co-owner Dann Boyles, was a joy, and you should plan a few extra minutes when you're there for a hearty convo.

Dann and Chip (co-owner) moved to Nashville from Grand Rapids during the recession, knowing they had every intention to move back.

They opened an antique shop and when they decided the time was right for them to come back they brought their ideas with them. Knowing Grand Rapids was missing something special in the home goods space, they brought to life a shop THEY would want to visit and a place to bring friends in a neighborhood that supports their businesses.

Dann and Chip are two guys from West Michigan who wanted to contribute to the community. They have a passion for the products they sell and use them in their personal lives as well, and it shows all over their shelves and in the countless repeat customers.

They find these items to be special and beautiful and want our community to experience them because Dann and Chip believe in them. Rebel presents you the chance to give luxurious items that have the potential to become a part of someone’s life to make their every day a little bit better.


As far as the future for Rebel, Dann and Chip are creatives who are always ready for the next step. What do we have to look forward to? Another new location? Online products? The response is, “Never say never.”

For now, make sure to keep visiting their shop since they get in new products all the time! Visit their website HERE.

Thank you, Dann and Chip for bringing a memorable shop and experience to Eastown.

Small Business Saturday - Funky Buddha Yoga


Hello friends!

Today we bring you a business that was a little out of my comfort zone. I have done a few yoga classes in my life, but most were free and I sat in the back of the class not expecting to learn much and trying not to embarrass myself! This afternoon was such a different experience for me and I am excited to share it with you.


I began my journey at Funky Buddha Yoga with the Absolute Beginners class, which I would highly recommend if you are new to yoga like me. Just to give you a little insight, before we started class the instructor had to ask me to flip my mat over because I didn’t realize yoga mats could be upside down... so there’s that.

During this 60-minute class, we were taught many techniques and poses to get us pointed in the right direction. None of which were alarmingly stressful like I assumed they would be! The instructor was calm and thorough allowing us to understand and follow along with ease. Along with this, there was another instructor in the room gently guiding us to complete the pose as it should be performed.


Although I only took the beginners class today, I can tell they have set me up to easily understand the next step classes without falling behind! Not only with poses but with how to use blocks and when I should be breathing... and the importance of a towel when your hands and feet slip because, guess what, You Will Sweat!

Speaking of sweat, did I mention that this class took place in a room in which the temperature was around 95°F? According to their website, heat purifies the body, improves stretching, protects from injury, and torches calories. Um… yes, please! Sign me up for all of the above.

Funky Buddha offers four other types of classes including Power Flow, Power Flow w/ Music, Slow Flow, and a Power Flow Community Class which you can take on Sunday nights at each of the locations for only $5! You can read more about the classes HERE.

Curious about yoga and not sure you’re ready for a full-blown commitment? Don’t worry, Funky Buddha has a 30-day trial in which you will have unlimited classes for $39! Plus they have multiple packages for you to choose from so that you can choose how you spend your dollars.


All in all, this was a great experience for me. I learned a lot from my instructor and I actually feel confident in yoga! I would definitely recommend Funky Buddha if you have any interest. They have three locations including Eastown, Forest Hills, and Holland so you have a few options.

Thanks so much for having me today, Funky Buddha!


Small Business Saturday - Van's Donut Shoppe

Alright guys, here we are heading into another week of Small Business Saturday blog posts. This week we had quite a few of our followers reach out expressing their love for Van’s Pastry Shoppe! Since I have never been we thought this would be the perfect first experience.

B6655854-E984-4165-9A4D-983FC26109C4 2.JPG

I am going to start out by telling you all that I LOVE pastries and especially donuts. When people ask what my favorite food is I typically tell them that donuts are at the top of the list. So you know that I was ready to RUN to Van’s and get a yummy donut and wash it down with a nice hot coffee, which let’s be honest, everyone could have used a hot cup of coffee this blistering cold week in Grand Rapids.

And guess what!? It costs you about $1 for both of those at Van’s Pastry Shoppe. I know - this is pretty crazy news.


Upon walking into the shop the first thing I noticed (besides the wonderful smell) was the cookie jar collection. I was able to speak with Dave Vandermeer who helps run the shop with his father. He informed me that the cookie jar collection is his mother’s and that she has been collecting them for over 35 years! Not all of them are currently being displayed either. There are more in the basement that are rotated in and out depending on the season. It is quite the extensive collection that you really should check out while you’re there!


Along with cookie jars and vintage toy cars, the shelves are lined with pastries galore! They have donuts, cookies, tarts, cream puffs, coffee cakes, muffins, and even options for lunch. On top of the amazing selection in store, their bread is also supplied to well-known restaurants in the area like Rainbow Grill, Red Geranium, and others!


If you want to support a local business with a history in Grand Rapids, Van’s has been in this location for 75 years and in the East Fulton neighborhood for even longer. With businesses coming and going in the area, Van’s has been here for their customers whether they have been coming for years or they are brand new (like me).


Thanks for letting us explore your shop and getting to know a little more about the business. I will gladly return for another cherry fried cinnamon donut.


Small Business Saturday - Urban Exchange

72D39DE2-A775-4A08-B5A0-F0D68549A8C5 2.JPG

Hello friends!

Today I am going to tell you a little bit about this incredible consignment shop located in the East Hills neighborhood called Urban Exchange.

If you haven’t heard, this place is amazing and here are some reasons why we love them:

You can bring your clothes here and earn money off of what you sell! As long as your clothes are “current fashion” and in excellent condition, they will do the hard work for you! Your items will be displayed for 60 days at their shop. All you have to do is drop off your clothes, shoes, or accessories and you get 40% of what they sell for. How amazing is that? You can read more about the process HERE.


While you are there dropping off your clothes, you will probably want to take a look around the store. The variety is quite astonishing, making it nearly impossible not to fall in love with at least one item! Especially since they carry jackets, jeans, tops, dresses, accessories, shoes, bags, and more.

EEC747BE-CB84-4F84-AEA2-72483994695E 2.JPG

Talking from experience, it’s pretty easy to spend a lot of time in this store. When I went in to talk to the owner, Stephanie Johnson, I was immediately drawn to the racks and racks of clothes organized by color with shoes lined along the floor from dressy heels to the “running errands” type of shoes. Each piece was unique and it was amazing to see brands that I love marked down to such affordable prices.

Just to give you guys a better idea, I did a little try on haul of outfits made mostly from the store. The cool part about this was that I found 3 different outfits, each very different!

Outfit Number One

Outfit Number One

The first outfit I tried on was a green blazer from H&M over a Banana Republic white blouse paired with Sam Edelman flats. A perfect casual outfit for whatever your day may bring!

Outfit Number 2

Outfit Number 2

The second outfit included a beautiful green jumpsuit paired with Jessica Simpson leopard print heals. Guys... If those heals were a half size smaller they wouldn’t still be available at the shop, just saying.

Outfit Nuber 3

Outfit Nuber 3

The third and final outfit was perfect for this Michigan weather, a purple North Face windbreaker and Sorel winter boots! Ahhh. Yes. Those brands are available here, how awesome is that?!

If that wasn’t enough to get you in the shop, just know that the owner has three dogs and you can often times see them wandering around the shop or taking a snooze in the back room.



Follow their Instagram HERE for updates on sales, attire, and the cute pups pictured above!

Thanks for tuning in with me this week for Small Business Saturday!


Small Business Saturday - Fido & Stitch

820 Monroe Ave NW #140, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

820 Monroe Ave NW #140, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

I know we all remember that classic song Who Let the Dogs Out. A tale of pups and a grand adventure, right? Well, we figured out where all the dogs went: Fido & Stitch - Canine Boutique & Salon. The wonderland of all things your dog probably has on its wish list this Christmas.

Stocking stuffers for your pup!

Stocking stuffers for your pup!

Fido & Stitch opened its doors nearly 3 years ago (make sure to wish them a very Happy Anniversary on December 23rd). The owner, Alli McDonough, found Monroe North to be the perfect location so that they can be available to all the pet-friendly apartments and condos nearby! The developing neighborhood has a grand park where you can walk your pup then reward their good behavior with a yummy treat from Fido & Stitch.

Shout out to MI Beer Dog!

Shout out to MI Beer Dog!

The business has everything you could possibly need including scrumptious treats, unique toys, accessories, training products, cleaning solutions, and so much more. Not only that, but it is also a salon for your sweet fur baby! With their award winning grooming manager and highly recommended staff, you can trust your pup is in great care.

Salon station looking fresh.

Salon station looking fresh.

Alli doesn’t just have a passion for dogs but is also a big supporter of Grand Rapids and the community, so you’ll want to make sure and look out for events Fido & Stitch host and participate in all year round.

So many yummy treats!

So many yummy treats!

Check out the Fido & Stitch website HERE where you can find more information on the store as well as super cute photos of dogs, which we are personally all about.


Small Business Saturday - Posh Petals

Happy Saturday, friends!

As many of you probably already know, this week we have been exploring the West Grand Neighborhood of Grand Rapids! It truly does live up to its name and we have an amazing business to prove it!

Post Petals - Exterior.jpg

Posh Petals is a floral shop on Bridge that creates stunning bouquets for weddings, events, and special deliveries. They listen to your vision and preferences to make up a perfectly unique bouquet for whatever the occasion.

Posh Petals - Bouquet 3.jpg

Alongside creating these bouquets, Posh Petals will also help plan and coordinate events. They work with you and your vendors to ensure for a smooth process with an incredible outcome. From the flowers to the designs, you can rest easy in knowing your event in being handled with care by a team of brilliant minds.

Posh Petals - Plants 1.jpg

Owner, Elizabeth Schenk, started out this business in the basement of her home and with love and hard work has grown it to be what it is today. A business that aims to be unique and loved, which proves evident when you see the table of awards displayed elegantly in the shop!

Posh Petals - Designs.jpg

We are so happy to have you in this city, Elizabeth and the rest of the Posh Petals team!