Small Business Saturday - Fido & Stitch

 820 Monroe Ave NW #140, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

820 Monroe Ave NW #140, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

I know we all remember that classic song Who Let the Dogs Out. A tale of pups and a grand adventure, right? Well, we figured out where all the dogs went: Fido & Stitch - Canine Boutique & Salon. The wonderland of all things your dog probably has on its wish list this Christmas.

 Stocking stuffers for your pup!

Stocking stuffers for your pup!

Fido & Stitch opened its doors nearly 3 years ago (make sure to wish them a very Happy Anniversary on December 23rd). The owner, Alli McDonough, found Monroe North to be the perfect location so that they can be available to all the pet-friendly apartments and condos nearby! The developing neighborhood has a grand park where you can walk your pup then reward their good behavior with a yummy treat from Fido & Stitch.

 Shout out to MI Beer Dog!

Shout out to MI Beer Dog!

The business has everything you could possibly need including scrumptious treats, unique toys, accessories, training products, cleaning solutions, and so much more. Not only that, but it is also a salon for your sweet fur baby! With their award winning grooming manager and highly recommended staff, you can trust your pup is in great care.

 Salon station looking fresh.

Salon station looking fresh.

Alli doesn’t just have a passion for dogs but is also a big supporter of Grand Rapids and the community, so you’ll want to make sure and look out for events Fido & Stitch host and participate in all year round.

 So many yummy treats!

So many yummy treats!

Check out the Fido & Stitch website HERE where you can find more information on the store as well as super cute photos of dogs, which we are personally all about.


Small Business Saturday - Posh Petals

Happy Saturday, friends!

As many of you probably already know, this week we have been exploring the West Grand Neighborhood of Grand Rapids! It truly does live up to its name and we have an amazing business to prove it!

Post Petals - Exterior.jpg

Posh Petals is a floral shop on Bridge that creates stunning bouquets for weddings, events, and special deliveries. They listen to your vision and preferences to make up a perfectly unique bouquet for whatever the occasion.

Posh Petals - Bouquet 3.jpg

Alongside creating these bouquets, Posh Petals will also help plan and coordinate events. They work with you and your vendors to ensure for a smooth process with an incredible outcome. From the flowers to the designs, you can rest easy in knowing your event in being handled with care by a team of brilliant minds.

Posh Petals - Plants 1.jpg

Owner, Elizabeth Schenk, started out this business in the basement of her home and with love and hard work has grown it to be what it is today. A business that aims to be unique and loved, which proves evident when you see the table of awards displayed elegantly in the shop!

Posh Petals - Designs.jpg

We are so happy to have you in this city, Elizabeth and the rest of the Posh Petals team!

Small Business Saturday - Kingma's Market

Cheshire Village.jpg

This week we explored Cheshire Village.

For those of you who aren't familiar, it's a small section of the Creston neighborhood. This village has so much to offer that it couldn’t possibly all be squeezed into last week's Creston highlight!

KM - Front Exterior.jpg

A staple of the Village is Kingma’s Market, and it's our focus for the iheartGR Small Business Saturday feature this week!

KM - Isle.jpg

Kingma’s opened it’s doors in 1996, focusing on local products and specialty items. Owner, Alan Hartline, wanted this community market to “meet the needs of today’s lifestyle” where customers can shop for dinner with their families without having to walk past isles and isles of items which had no purpose to the person looking.

KM - Produce & Beer.jpg

Instead, Kingma’s focuses on the idea that “food is fun.” They live out that mantra with the wide range of specialty cheeses, beautiful displays of produce in the center of the market, and the ever-present local first vibe; from fresh syrup sourced from the Upper Peninsula, honey from Grand Rapids, spinach from Kalamazoo, and so many others!

KM - Apples.jpg

With the success of the Cheshire Village location, Kigma's had the opportunity to expand in 2017 to Ada. Many of you may know that Ada is going through a downtown redevelopment and Hartline was thrilled to be a part of such great local growth.

In September of 2017, they opened their doors to the people of Ada, bringing local goodies and so much more!

KM - Local Flavor.jpg

Down the road, Hartline hopes to open more Kingma’s Market locations and continue their beautiful vision.

We are so happy to have them in Grand Rapids and are excited to follow along in their journey to make food fun for GR-Metro residents.

Small Business Saturday - Lions and Rabbits Edition

 Lions and Rabbits located at 1264 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505

Lions and Rabbits located at 1264 Plainfield Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505

Alright friends, Are we ready for our FIRST Small Business Saturday?!

This week we are exploring the Creston neighborhood and there’s one amazing business we thought deserved a little extra highlight: Lions and Rabbits.

Lions and Rabbits - Art.jpg

Lions and Rabbits opened in 2016 as a gallery in the Creston neighborhood featuring local and well-loved artists along the walls and throughout the building. Even the wallpaper in the back room was designed by an artist in the area!

Lions and Rabbits - Art 3.jpg

In September 2017, owner Hannah Berry expanded the services of Lions and Rabbits as an event space. It is available as a wedding venue, for private events, or even art lessons. The possibilities with this space are endless and it has us in complete awe. It is both versatile and stunning (seriously, you guys).

Lions and Rabbits - Art 3.jpg

When we visited today, Lions and Rabbits was hosting a Bridal Show supporting other small business owners in the area (YAY!). There were options for food, salons, photography, hand lettering, and even lingerie.

The room was filled with talented individuals including owner, Hannah, who is a dynamic local force with a vision for this city and to lift up other GR-based artists.

It's hard to think back to the point when this building sat untouched for years, but now it is a HUB for creativity.  The walls and parking lot feature art in a variety of style and mediums and are sure to impress any visitor. Be sure to check it out for yourself!

This Small Business Saturday was an easy choice. Keep rocking it, Lions and Rabbits! We will be cheering you along the way!

Number One: Introduction

Good day to you! We are so excited to kick off a blog section here at ihearGR. One of our goals is to bring to light the many wonders of our beloved city, Grand Rapids. This won’t be a difficult task, as many of you know how amazing it really is. From small local shops to businesses that have received a lot of love over the years, there is so much to explore and discover. Some of us have lived here our entire lives and barely scratched the surface of all this city has to offer. As we dive into each day looking for new adventure and experiences, we would love for you to join us!

We will post about our favorites and what’s new in the Grand Rapids area. Keep a look out for events, news, reviews, and just generally a lot of fun stuff. 😄Please tag us in your posts and share your experiences with us as well! We want you to follow along with us, but we also want to join in on your journey! You can use the hashtag #iheartgr and tag us at @iheartgr on both Facebook and Instagram. We love to see what our fellow Grand Rapids friends are up to!

We would love to give you the chance to be featured on our page, too! Whether it be a business or event happening in the area, or even if you just took a really cool photo that needs to be seen. We want to see it all!

We look forward to seeking, growing, and revealing Grand Rapids with you!