LA miller

This boutique in Rockford offers plenty styles of clothes for everyones personal taste.

haven creek boutique store shop rockford grand rapids michigan iheartgr iheartgrandrapids

Haven creek

This family-owned shop located in downtown Rockford is home of amazing gifts, home decor, and locally made products.

lee and birch rockford grand rapids michigan shop boutique iheartgr iheartgrandrapids

lee & birch

Lee & Birch is not only a beautiful place to shop, but they also offer many events and fashion show fun to attend!

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rockford brewing company

Rockford Brewing Company believes in celebrating the drinking and food culture from around the world while utilizing the best West Michigan has to offer.


sweetland chocolates & coffee

With a decadent selection of chocolates, coffee, and other candies, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Sweetlands!

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ramona’s table

Drinks, food, dessert, and a killer patio overlooking the Rockford Dam, you are sure to be impressed with a full experience.

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pickerel lake

Pickerel lake is one of our favorite places to hike! It is a steady grade near the lake but if you get off to some of the other trails, you’ll be in for a bit of a climb. Beautiful views, tons of wildlife, worth a quick drive from Downtown!

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thought design

Thought Design is a place where you can go to experience innovative, brain science-centered learning opportunities. Which is perfect for teams, groups, or individuals looking for ways to grow and develop either personally or professionally.

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The Corner Bar

The Corner Bar is a Rockford staple! The Corner Bar is well known for its Wall of Fame which started in 1968! The challenge is to eat, at minimum, 12 hot dogs including dog, bun, and chili.