Madison Square

madison square grand rapids michigan smell good cafe

Smell good cafe

Unique Bath and Body Shop! Currently offering over 700 perfumed body oils, the largest selection in West Michigan. They carry everything from designer scents, to exotic Oriental fragrances.

grand rapids michigan urban roots madison square

urban roots

Urban Roots is a community farm, market, and education center located in SE Grand Rapids.

madison square grand rapids michigan rising grinds

Rising grinds

Rising Grinds Café has been and will continue to be a space representing resilience, growth, and community.

grand rapids michigan madison square linc up

linc up

Linc Up has a deep understanding of the systems, relationships and dynamics within the communities they serve and therefore use a holistic approach to neighborhood revitalization. They are a community development organization that provides services to Kent County, and are involved in a host of projects and services that reach families, houses, businesses and neighborhoods at large.