Argos Book Shop


Book stores are an integral part of any neighborhood, especially in Eastown where Argos Book Shop has been serving the community for over 40 years. Luke sits down with owner James “Jim” Bleeker to discuss owning a small business, why brick and mortar book stores matter, and an 18th century book on syphilis.

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Theme song performed and written by John and Jamin Ferris

Starting a Business in Grand Rapids


Got an idea for a business? Where do you start? Where do you go? And how do you make it in Grand Rapids? Tiffany and Luke discuss all things entrepreneurship and business in the 616. This includes the pros and cons of starting a business in Grand Rapids as well as helpful tips and resources. PLUS Tiffany hands out some advice you can’t print on a poster or use as an Instagram bio.

Listen to the founders of Woosah and Outside Coffee Co.

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Rapid Growth Entrepreneurship Series Article

Grand Rapids Public Library Small Business Resource Center

Inspiration From Local Business Owners

“Not everyone will understand or appreciate your idea. And that's okay. Never give up on something you believe in because your resiliency will be one of the keys to your success.” -Janine Thomas, founder of  Ysanne

“When your idea first comes to you and that vision starts to take shape, that vision being a business built around that idea, it better be a "hell yes" I'm doing this. If your not all in, you can negatively affect yourself and and those around you. “ -Hugh Ingalls, founder of Ingalls Pictures

Announcing the iheartGR Podcast Theme Show Contest

Are you a local band or artist? We need you to write a new intro song for the podcast. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Record a song or tune (at least 30 seconds long) that best represents the iheartGR Podcast. It can be any style and contain lyrics (or no lyrics).

  • Send your song in an .mp3 format to with your band name and contact info.

  • The winner of the contest will be recognized on every episode, have their music played for a wide audience, and come on the show for a feature episode all about your music

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