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We started iheartGR as an Instagram Account to showcase the city we love.  Through community support and collaboration it grew into so much more; a podcast, blog, and exploration into what makes Grand Rapids great.  

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Conversations on the love affair of Grand Rapids and its people.

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The Blog

Welcome to our blog! We love our city so much and can’t wait to share with you some of our favorite places to eat, shop, or just spend an afternoon. We will share places around Grand Rapids that have been long time favorites as well as new finds as we discover them! Stick around as we explore Grand Rapids and all it has to offer.

Posh Petals - Sign.jpg

Small business saturday - Posh petals

Happy Saturday, friends!

As many of you probably already know, this week we have been exploring the West Grand Neighborhood of Grand Rapids! It truly does live up to its name and we have an amazing business to prove it . . .


small business saturday - Momnumental edition

Dear busy GR moms,

I get it. 

You put everyone else in your life first, especially during the holiday season, and when it’s finally time to take care of yourself you’d rather just take a nap.  Well, at least I would.  That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you all to MOMnumental Moms and Founders, Thuy Simpson and Claudia Smith Kelly . . .


small business saturday - Fido & Stitch

I know we all remember that classic song Who Let the Dogs Out. A tale of pups and a grand adventure, right? Well, we figured out where all the dogs went: Fido & Stitch - Canine Boutique & Salon. The wonderland of all things your dog probably has on its wish list this Christmas . . .


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Want your business to be featured on our social media accounts? We enjoy working with companies in and around Grand Rapids. From small businesses working on getting a foot in the door to old beloved classics, we love you all!

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